Twisted Wheel

History of the Twisted Wheel Club

The Twisted Wheel club was created by Ivor Abadi and his brothers. Starting life as a rhythm and blues coffee shop in Brazennose Street off Deansgate Manchester in early 1963 and popular with beatniks of the era. Ivor employed disc jockey Roger Eagle for his comprehensive knowledge of Blues music. His musical choices gave the club a unique identity. By the time of the clubs closure in September 1965 the Twisted Wheel had become the premier venue for Mod’s to congregate

The new Twisted Wheel Club opened in an old warehouse in Whitworth Street near Piccadilly railway station on the 18th of September 1965. A ground floor coffee shop with a warren of cellar rooms, the new club was similar to its predecessor, however, there was now a growing interest among Mod’s for obscure Detroit Soul music and Blue Beat. Many original members were unhappy with this development and did not renew membership. Ivor however, recognising the trend was dynamic, encouraged his DJ's to continue to play increasingly rare uptempo music, without gaps or vocal introductions. An energetic style of dancing developed in the club. Spins and back drops from Jive, combined with sole slide footwork from Tap, and uncommon at the time, partner less dancing. The floors filled with individual dancers rather than traditional couples.  As the clubs reputation grew, young dancers would travel from all parts of the country for the Saturday session (11 pm to 7.30 am) Great bands such as Junior Walker and the all Stars would appear on stage at 2 am for an hour or so then the DJ’s would take over again.  For several years the club survived attempts at closure by the authorities, finally succumbing on the 15th of February 1971.

Later, Ivor did reopen the club under a different name and theme. The ‘Placemate’ had some success but it is the Twisted Wheel for which he will be remembered.

After the Twisted Wheel closure, the Golden Torch in Stoke upon Trent gained licence for all night sessions and along with other clubs catered for the Wheel Soulhearts. In 1973 the Wigan Casino opened its doors and quickly became the Twisted Wheel of the Seventies.